Tere tulemast Harno Moodle'i lehele!

  • Kursuse formaatide alla lisatud Paani formaat, mis annab võimaluse ilusa kursuse kujundamiseks. Toredat kasutamist ja oleme tänulikud tagasiside eest!
  • Kursuse tegevuste alla on lisatud Osalemine, mis võimaldab registreerida õppurite kohaololu tundides.

NB! Moodle'is on probleemid Wiris küsimustüüpi ülesannetega. Tegeleme mure kõrvaldamisega. Vabandame!

Problems with user account or logging in:

please write moodle[at]

For technical assistance or help for using Moodle:

please contact your educational technologist or e-learning support staff

With questions concerning a particular course:

please contact the teacher or lecturer of that course - e.g. login key to the course is unknown or you have registered to the wrong course and wish to be removed.

To order a new course (for teachers only):

please contact the educational technologist of your school or request a course here.

NB! Starting from 25.05.2018 teachers requesting a course will not be automatically enrolled nor assigned the role of Õpetaja/Teacher.
After your course request is approved please contact the educational technologist of your school, who will give you access to the course.

If a problem occurs, please always state:

  • Who: your full name and username in the Moodle;
  • What: the problem as precisely as possible (what has happened or did not happen, when did it occur, name and location of the learning environment and link to the course);
  • Where: URL of problem location and screenshot.